27-30 January 2019
Europe/Prague timezone


Advances in electroactive, particularly piezoceramic, materials and devices.

The scope of the Piezo 2019 Conference is advances in electroactive materials and devices, with a particular focus on piezoceramic.

This includes advances in material development; synthesis technologies; application concepts and device design and modelling; characterisation methods and fundamentals.

The conference will focus on the following materials: piezoelectrics, ferroelectrics, relaxors, ceramics, lead-free ceramics, very high-temperature piezoelectrics, thick films, and thin films.

The technologies include ceramics, LTCC, integration, additive techniques, films and advanced substrates.

The applications and devices include MEMS, sensors, actuators, transducers, ultrasonics for medical imaging, non-destructive evaluation, underwater and biomedical applications, energy harvesting and storage, telecommunications and high-energy applications.

The materials, functional, and device characterisation are elemental composition, crystal structure, microstructure, electronic structure, domain configuration, mechanical, piezoelectric, dielectric, high-frequency, reliability and others.

The focus of the fundamentals is on theoretical and experimental studies of composition-structure-properties relationships and basic phenomena in advanced materials.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact piezo2019@fzu.cz.